cathedral / main theme. [track] [200x]

by george marauder



fluent/george marauder history.

This track (a combination of two tracks, which was the way it was originally recorded, with 'cathedral' meant to be an intro into 'main theme') marks some of my earliest sample-free production from the early 2000s as george marauder.

I knew nothing about music theory at the time and was pressing keys on a cheap midi keyboard until something sounded good. Produced in a bootleg copy of some music software (reason).

'cathedral' is inspired by the cathedral music in Chrono Trigger.

'main theme.' is my first ever take on a movie theme. Inspired by Goodfellas (imagine a montage of Jimmy, Tommy and Henry with this song in the background.)



released July 19, 2017
george marauder on the keys.



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